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Join the app that lets baseball fans collect memories, compile unique user stats, and connect with other fans.

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How many winning games have you watched or attended this season?

For every game you attend live or watch on TV, log the memory to help build your personal stats. The more games you add, the more you’ll be able to see your team’s winning percentage for the games you’ve been a part of.

Track Your Stats

How many games have you been to?

Keep track of the games you’ve watched and your team’s stats for those games. From home runs and batting averages, to wins and losses, you’ll know if you’ve been the reason for the winning season. Well, kinda.

Create Mementos

Do you call yourself a Baseball Fan?

Save your game tickets and upload videos of your favorite plays. Add where you watched the game (like your favorite sports bar or right at the stadium) and then, tag the friends you shared the memories with, all in one place.

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Track your team’s stats for the games you’ve watched.


Know how your team performs when you are in attendance.


Create mementos from games that have meant something to you.


Keep count of all the stadiums you’ve visited, each one is an experience.


Connect with other baseball fans and compare personal stats.


Get updates on your favorite team’s events.